Regional Documentary has National Appeal

In our research for The End of the Line, we viewed many excellent documentaries on the history of electric rail transit. Almost all of these videos provided a broad overview of the rise and fall of trolleys in America and the rest of the world. Some, like ours, concentrated on the history of trolleys in one particular location. We feel that The End of the Line – Rochester’s Subway tells a unique side to this story.

In addition to being the smallest city in America to build a subway, Rochester, NY also served as a stage for what many mid-sized American cities dreamed of being – bigger. When Rochester planned its subway in a former bed of the Erie Canal cars were new and so was the Twentieth Century. Judging from its progress over the Nineteenth Century, it was not unreasonable for Rochester to assume a growth from three hundred and fifty thousand to over two million. That judgment was made at a time when New York State cities could still annex adjacent towns, which usually welcomed the public water, sewers and transportation that came with the deal.

Our documentary details not only the familiar curve of electric transit history in America, but also what these machines signified for American cities seeking their future. Rochester, NY, though its own unique history, serves as a coincidental backdrop for Anytown, USA.

We are very proud that our production tells not only the story of our own town, but through it, the story of countless other places across America that dreamed big and still carry on. The End of the Line – Rochester’s Subway is a story of who we are, where we live and how we get there.

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