“The End of the Line – Rochester’s Subway” Now on Amazon Video Streaming


See the story of the smallest city in America to build and abandon a subway! THE END OF THE LINE – ROCHESTER’S SUBWAY documentary is now available for sale and rental through Amazon Video! Click here to watch the trailer and access the video.

THE END OF THE LINE – ROCHESTER’S SUBWAY tells the little known story of the rail line that operated in a former section of the Erie Canal from 1927 until its abandonment in 1956. Produced in 1994 by filmmakers Fredrick Armstrong and James P. Harte, this documentary recounts the tale of an American city’s bumpy ride through the Twentieth Century, from the perspective of a little engine that could, but didn’t.

Now anyone in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan can stream the documentary! Also included are three bonus features and extensive photo gallery. Originally seen on The History Channel and PBS.

The documentary is also available on DVD here.


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