Why Watch Cartoons When You Can Make Them?


A rare opportunity to learn
in a professional animation studio.

Workshops held throughout the year.

Are you interested in drawing? Do you want to see your characters come to life? Have you ever wondered what goes into shooting an animated movie? You just might be right for our Animation Workshops.

When students take our classes, there are a variety of tracks available to them. For those who have never done animation before, we recommend starting with the “Basic” animation series. Students who come back again and again (and we have many) move along to “Intermediate” and “Studio Production” levels.

Ages 9 through adult.


Basic Animation:

First time taking classes with us? This is where to start.

An exciting opportunity to explore many different forms of animation. The emphasis is on having hands-on experience with traditional, paper cut-out, and clay animation. Each student will have time under the camera to shoot their work. These workshops involve working with variety of mediums, and strong drawing skills are not a necessity as anyone can enjoy the experience of bringing their creations to life. Basic Animation is a great way to expand your creative horizons and open new avenues for expressing yourself.

Intermediate Animation:

These sessions guide the student through the process of creating an animated short. Students are given a variety of animation exercises to develop their skills, while reinforcing what they have learned in Basic Animation. Keyframes and in-betweens are drawn, exposure sheets are created, and pencil tests are made. Students learn how to create model sheets, make storyboards and much more.

Studio Production – Using the Computer:

An ongoing education for advanced students. The goal is to work towards developing the skills necessary for a career in animation. Learn lip sync, audio recording, digital ink and paint, and even edit their own cartoons. Students will use professional animation software such as Toonboom Studio.

Independent Study:

This program is designed for the individual with specific projects or interests. The student will meet with their mentor to design a personalized agenda for meeting their goals. A set of objectives will be made, and depending on the student’s availability a regular schedule will be arranged. Fees start at $40 per hour, depending on the level of instruction and the supplies required.

See some of the latest student cartoons here: